Livestock Reader


Hand Held Reader – PTS-3412-HH(BT)


PTS3412HH(BT) is an upgraded version with Bluetooth enable functions and energy saving OLED display for easy data transmission. Multi protocol (FDX-A / FDX-B, HDX), it is suitable for reading all EID Animal Tags which conform to ISO11784/785 standard. Menu Option is added for convenient Operation. Quick reading speed, easy to operate, free PC communication software.

Operating Frequency 134.2kHz
Read Transponders FDX-B (ISO11784/85), FDX-A (FECAVA),HDX (ISO11784/85), 64-bit R/O (EM)
Read Distance 16 -18 cm (circular inlay)8cm (L12mm glass type)
Antenna Type Built in
Dimensions L 15.5cm x W 8.2cm x H 3.3cm
Weight 140g
Interface USB Virtual Serial Port, Bluetooth Virtual Port
Display 2 lines  of 16 characters,seven languages
Memory Storage capacity of >1000 ID’s
Operating Temperature 0°C to + 50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Battery Rechargeable via mini USB, 1400mAh, 3.7V


Wand Reader – PTS-5122 WR


Data Memory EEPROM, 64kB, storage capability about 5000 items
Communication Bluetooth 2.0, USB2.0, and RS232
Tag Compatibility ISO 11784/11785 FDX-B , HDX and ID64
Duplex Mode FDX-B, HDX
Operating Frequency 134.2kHz
Reading distance At least 20cm for FDX-B chips, 25cm for HDX chips
Dimension L=70cm (28inch) x W 6cm (2.4inch)
Colour Luminous Orange
Language English (also available in other languages)
Screen 128 * 32 OLED
Beep Yes
Consecutive Working 12 hours
Waterproof Standard IP65
Shaking Standard IEC 68-2-6
Work Temperature Operating at – 30°C to + 50°C