Dual Frequency Tag(NFC/LF)

PTS embarked with a Northern Ireland client (who is one of the world largest meat processor) on a NFC/LF project for better herd & management control to assist them in their farm & distribution business. Essentially we supply the NFC/LF tags to them. The 2 radio frequencies are built into 1 tag. The LF serves to capture the electronics identification (EID) purpose.

The NFC function is more management in nature (and not just for identification purpose like the LF EID). There are software programs written and paired to the NFC for better translation of the data captured with the aim to enable the company to make better & more sound business decision. This could be in the area of lameness, birth assist, need medication (e.g antibiotics), date & which farm are the animals from. The software for this is slated for real- time basis.

dual frequency tag