PTS patent tags for livestock are applicable for sheep and cattle with a minimum read distance of 12 cm (under EC Regulation 21/2004). They are fully accredited and patented with ICAR, JRC, PAS66 certification.

•    Single EID tag for sheep and cattle
•    Dual tag (VID & EID) interlinked with the sheep tag
•    Our Cattle Tags is produce for HDX & FDX sharing the same enclosure

PTS also designs and manufactures EID tags for the apparel and health sectors as well as for schools and supermarkets in embedded and non-embedded formats.


Single EID Tags key features

  • Full Duplex, ISO 11784, ISO 11785 and ISO 24631 compliant
  • ICAR, JRC, DERA, NAIT approved
  • Conforms to UK-DEFRA PAS 66:2009 standards
  • Readable by all stationary and PDA readers that are ISO24631-2 & ISO24631-4 compliant
  • Easily printable by laser printing
  • Available in both Read/Write and Read capability
  • Small and lightweight ( ~ < 5 g)
  • Available in yellow, green, pink, purple and red


Dual EIDTags key features

  • FDX transponder
  • Competitively priced
  • ISO 11784/11785/24631 compliant
  • Approved with ICAR’s conformance testing
  • Small and lightweight (1.9 cm in diameter, 3.2 g)
  • Available in white (breeder tags), blue, green, orange
  • VID tag is detachable, not fixed
  • VID tag can be molded in different colours and paired with the yellow EID tag
  • Conforms to UK-DEFRA PAS 66:2009 standards