Visual & Electronic Identification

Globalization and Internet has drawn customers closer to business. In the age of internet, Speed will determine your margins and profitability. Businesses challenge are how to get more things done in shorter time. Almost every business spends plenty of time managing from supply chain till the showroom, it is extremely time consuming, manual most of the time and very prone to error accounting thus slowing down the speed which your business operates that adds up to the cost of your business.

PTS Technologies provides customizable UHF/HF RFID Solutions to cater your needs. The UHF/UF RFID solution is a mature technologies that has been implemented in organization in Retail, Manufacturing Distribution & Warehousing, Government, Healthcare, Livestocks, Energy Companies, etc. over the years. The work efficiency is average up by 30% and achieve near 100% inventory accuracy. Contact our friendly consultant to work out a solutions to increase your productivity and sales.

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