1. The general concept of introducing LoRa wireless communication device (Sensors and Communication Hub) encapsulate the following advantages: –

    • Exploring new technological frontier of long distance transmission range (2~3 Km) with our unique low power design
    • Low power consumption of battery life thus prolonging the device and application life.

  2. Our deployment will help change the current process of data collection from wired and cumbersome panel meter to wireless technology.

  3. Our Comm Hub provide continuous feeding of data on a real time basis onto a specially design PTS’s Heat Map for data analytics, including ability to recall historical data

  4. Farming has always been as much art as science: knowing what to give to the livestock and when to give, is often intuitive for many farmers. However the vagaries of shifting eating habits, breeding preferences, weather patterns and climate change etc make this task much more difficult than ever before. Thus, the predictive abilities for data ( temperature, humidity, and gases later on ) enable feeding pattern, intervals monitoring for heath condition is being used to improve livestock performance and farming outcomes

  5. Our solution will help to increase Productivity in farm management and ease of use for the farmers via a wireless device and solution, which is also mobile enabled.

  6. With the PTS LoRa solution, farm owners will no longer have to save the data from their farm and download them at home or at their HQ. The data can be wireless port to their terminal via long distance transmission range. It will reduced drastically the time taken to conducted the same test needed by using this technology to mine out the data from the various processes and using them for analysis and future decision-making purpose – thus the role of our  solution become that of a management role.

  7. Farm owners with higher survivability rate of poultry /livestock will increase their earnings by having a high “yield rate”. Staff (Vets) task will now be curtailed as they can now view seamlessly and remotely the temperature and humidity data that is updated on their terminal, laptop, tablets, or mobile phones (linked to terminal via GPRS) and informed their colleague or farm owners  to perform immediate intervention action or prescribe relevant remedial action if the data manifest anomaly, even though they are remotely outside the farm as far as 3km away.


Note: Approval for funding of project by Spring S’pore has been approved to commence the project